Wang - King Mountain

Hangzhou, 2011 - 2012
Cultural buildings

In the course of their work at the Civic Center in Hangzhou, schneider+schumacher have also designed the landscaping of the surrounding park. The Wang building (Wang means king in Chinese) lies in an area surrounded by a network of waterways. The building houses cultural facilities for the adjacent metropolis, spread over four floors. Of particular interest is its location on the "Jade Emperor Hill", one of the more prominent elevated areas of the region. In the course of the building work, topsoil will first be removed and, after completion of the structural work, re-distributed over the building and then planted.

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Technische Daten:

Bauherr/Auslober: City of Hangzhou / Hangzhou Qianjiang Economic Development District Committee
Typologien: Cultural buildings
Bruttogrundfläche: 9,000 m²
Vergabeform: Competition
Leistungsphasen: 1-4
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