Renovation Silvertower

Frankfurt am Main, 2008 - 2011
Office/administration buildings

By the time the Silvertower – then the highest building in Germany – first went into operation in 1980 (Architects: Apel + Beckert + Becker), it had already caused quite a stir: the smart, meticulously planned aluminium façade with convex metal cladding and partially curved glazed elements still conveys a coherent picture of that period. Here, in one building, economic prosperity and the art of craftsmanship are fused together.
This fact was ubiquitously evident during the judicious renovation work (now completed) we carried out on the building. Internally, to comply with fire regulations, structural alterations were carried out. In addition, office floors were reorganised and technical equipment was renewed.
On the interior, schneider+schumacher have created visual accents with new specially designed elements – for instance the light fittings and reception desk in the foyer.

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Technische Daten:

Bauherr/Auslober: Commerzbank AG
Typologien: Office/administration buildings
Bruttogrundfläche: 77,509 m²
Baumanagement: schneider+schumacher Bau- und Projektmanagement GmbH
Vergabeform: Direct
Leistungsphasen: 1-10
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