More than the sum of its parts

30.09.2019 - Notes

150 people from 30 nations; this is approximately the current number of schneider+schumacher staff who, despite all their differences, from a team where the whole is always more than the sum of its parts. A team in which the individual feels well supported, and in which people can always rely on each other.

During the anniversary celebrations, Astrid Wuttke, Managing Director of schneider+schumacher, pointed out that what makes the office special, are the people. Thirty years of practice, with roughly 100 competitions-winning projects and some 200 compelted buildings, is only possible when you have partners you can rely on and colleagues who are fully commited to their work, deeply engaged in it, and passionate about every single project. The office is proud of this cohesion and fully intends to remain loyal to it in the future.

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