Synchron Stage Vienna

Vienna, 2013 - 2015
Cultural buildings, Listed buildings

The sound synchronisation studio (Studio 6) was constructed by the architect DI Ernst Schreiber in 1941 as part of the Rosenhügel Filmstudios, and it was given listed building status in 1988. It was built as a specialised studio for sound production: post-synchronisation, pre-synchronisation and sound mixing. In March 2014 Synchron Stage OG acquired the studio and in future it will continue to be used as a modern sound production facility. schneider+schumacher have been appointed to carry out the overall renovation of the synchronisation studio.
Subject to the listed building considerations, the updated contemporary interior will counterbalance the more austere exterior. On one hand, individual spaces will be linked together and fitted out with state-of-the-art technical facilities. On the other, it will still be possible to use both studios in parallel, such that recordings of a rock band and an orchestra may take place simultaneously. On a technical level, the synchronisation studio will be renovated to update both the building services and electrical services, and new thermal insulation will be installed (in agreement with the listed building authorities).

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Technische Daten:

Typologien: Cultural buildings, Listed buildings
Vergabeform: Direct
Leistungsphasen: 10-8
Bauherr/Auslober: Synchron Stage OG, Vienna
Bruttogrundfläche: 2,613 m²
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